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What is ray friesen up to?

He doesn't know either!


Cartoonmonger Ray Friesen

Hello! This here webpage is THE spot for news about Ray Friesen, his creative endeavors (comics and stuff), and to sometimes be able to purchase autographed copies of Ray's books. All those other websites claiming to do those sorts of things are nothing but trickery and lies.


Ray is a silly human, who draws lots of penguins and dinosaurs, and occasionally caricatures of himself smiling out of a circles. As you can see, his face is mostly glasses/mustache.

Some of Ray's books!

Thunderlizard Ranch eBook

Digital versions of Ray's series of short children's books about Fernberry and their dinosaur farm.


Road Trippy

A 250 page not for kids novel by famous pseudonym J. B. HIvemind. Kickstarting now!


Terry Pratchett's Small Gods

The beloved story brought to life by Ray Friesen in graphic novel format.


About Me


About Ray Friesen

I've been an artist my entire life. Technically, I've been a professional artist since I was four, because that was the first time I *sold* some of my art. That's all it takes! Talent and skill and practice certainly help too. I created and published my first comic book when I was twelve, and I made all my friends in junior high buy a copy.  I'm a big fan of all things humorous and animated. Popeye, Pogo, Tintin, Asterix, Scrooge McDuck, Groo the wanderer... the list goes on.  The Simpsons, Futurama, Doctor Who, Discworld, Monty Python, The Marx Brothers... The list goes even more onwards than that, but you get the idea.


I write and draw because I get very cranky whenever I don't. Humor is my favorite thing, it makes everything a little better, so I always try and find out what's funny about anything and everything, and share it with the world as best I am able.

I am so thankful for my supportive family and friends, who constantly encourage me and make me tea along my journey.  They tell me I can accomplish whatever I decide is worth doing, and they're right. So yeah, this is all their fault. I also owe a world of thank you's to my awesome supporters - YOU! It's my fans who make it possible for me to make silly things but also feed my hungry hungry family.  Hugs to you all, FOREVER."

-Ray Friesen, 2018.