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Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja Chicken Vol. 3: Macaroni & Bees?!?

I did a thing! I spent most of 2020 Not Doing Things, but then around about September I did One Thing, which was finish Pirate Penguin Book Three: Macaroni and Bees!?!

It's a 64 page collection of Pirate Penguin webcomics, mostly comics that have appeared on the web in some form already, but also a couple new ones! I had to remember how to draw all the characters, which was actually easy because I'm really good at drawing Ninja Chicken. I'm one of the top Ninja-Chicken drawers in the world/universe.

Also, all the comics that had been posted before got remastered, so I fixed lots of little funky things and added more jokes. Are there still little funky things? Yes. Are there enough jokes? NEVER. I am the sort of author that puts jokes on the copyrights page to lighten the tension.

Autographed Copies will be available SOON! I think August? I'll let you know when I have copies in my hot little hands!

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