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New Blog!

This is me and Wellington experiencing adventure. I sure hope those allosaurs don't bite.

I sure have started a bunch of blogs over the years. My first one was HTML, and uploaded all by hand via fax machine. I didn't even know how to archive them so you could go back and reread them, I just copied over the old post with the new post. Then I got a MySpace. And a Livejournal. And a DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and a Wordpress which is still the most official thing I forget to update. All those old posts are scattered across the internet, for anybody who is interested in what I was up to in 2007. (Not much - mostly whining? I try not to whine on the internet any more, always whine in person!) And now this one, on my shiny new Wix website, which is surely going to be the version of me that is perfect and sticks around for ever and solves all my problem. Until the internet gets it's hologram upgrade (FINALLY) and I have to make everything new and shiny again. That picture is unrelated, I just thought it was cool. I'll probably post comics, pictures of me having adventures, and if you're not careful... RECIPES! I'll cook things that don't exist, just try and follow my ingredient list. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

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