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Hello everybody! Just a quick update, I finally got around to updating all the verb tenses on my website so it doesn't seem like Thunder Lizard Ranch is actively kickstarting, since it has been complete for two months!

I've been drawing as much and as fast as I can to get the books done! Phew! It's a lot of new artwork! I've nearly gotten all three books roughly penciled, which means I can finally sit back and read and evaluate them all together, which is so important since it is three books being released at the same time, instead of one big book. I'm hoping to be able to read it to a couple sample children this way too, and see if there's any additional revising I can do based on their thoughts for maximum awesomeness. I'm sure they'll just tell me to add more dinosaurs.

I need to do a bigger website update soon, to add new pictures and tease about whatever project I'm doing next, but until I sort out what I actually am doing next, finishing the project in front of me seems much more important. Everything is taking longer than I hoped, but that's become normal for me since having a child! I can no longer estimate my schedule accurately. My son Wellington Friesen is the best and I'm making these books with him in mind, but gosh he sure is distracting! Hope you're all well, and I'll talk to you more soon!

this is a screenshot of a little more than half of one of these books, with the art I've done so far in red pencil. So multiply this times six and that is what I have been up to!

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