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Big Life stuff!

Hello! You can't buy any of my stuff at the moment. Well, maybe my eBooks. The reason I've had to set all the physical items in my store to 'temporarily out of stock' is because my storage unit is in Southern California, and I'm living in Eugene Oregon! My wife and I finished* building our Tiny House, or at least got it finished enough to move into, and we decided the time to relocate again was NOW.

I'm hoping to dip down south in the Summer, and grab a box or two. Nothing besides a personal set of books made it up with me, and my storage unit is too much of a labyrinth to set any of my SoCal agents (cough dad cough) to wander through looking for it. We've about finished unpacking, and are getting used to living in such a tiny space. I've got my computer and cintiq set up, but it's in a little nook under the stairs, and there's no way to shut the door and keep my toddler out, so my attention span is at an all time low!

Settling into the rainy lifestyle. There's so much paperwork to deal with from changing states, DMV stuff, Post Office Stuff, Health Insurance Stuff, Job Stuff... Yep. I gotta find a day job. While I've been so smug and grateful at my ability to whip up a project and ask all my friends inside the internet to support it, I've had the sneaking suspicion ever since my son was born that some regular income would be awesome. Don't get me wrong, one big blast of money followed by eight months of hard work but no additional income has it's perks, but at the moment that's just not gonna work. So figuring out finances is going to be taking up most of my time, I have no idea what my next comic or kids book project is going to be. I'm just gonna cut myself some slack on the creative endeavor front, need to recharge the batteries, take care of my family, and decide what I really want to do next. I'm thinking about the next volume of Thunder-Lizard Ranch, finishing Pirate Penguin volume 3, and maybe starting a new webcomic, but It's just gonna take some time. I do have a novel project I'm keen to release. It's aimed at adults, and I co-wrote it with some friends. That will prolly be my next kickstarter in a month or two, but creatively I've actually already finished that.

So! I'm looking forward to starting something new, but I've actually been doing new stuff all over the place, changing dang near every aspect of my day to day life. Phew! I really wanna do a walk through video of the Tiny House, show off all my buildling skills and crafty handiwork. Just as soon as I get it cleaned and decluttered enough to look good on camera.

It's raining outside, Wellington is teaching Michelle how to play videogames, and I've bought some fresh mushrooms to cook for dinner. Life is good. Life is hectic. Life is weird. Hugs to everybody. More soon!

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