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The Princess and the Pterodactyls

A weird/funny novella

Written by J. Bartholomew Hivemind
A pseudonym composed of Ray Friesen, Joseph Heath, and Vincent EL.

In a vaguely medieval setting, a hardboiled and bookish young princess dreams of a daring escape from her stupid wedding. The plan involves precision timing, punching, and of course, a swarm of pterodactyls. A heartwarmingly ridiculous story of revenge, weird cults, temporal anomalies, warrior ghosts, and more flying reptiles than any other comedic fantasy novella, GUARANTEED. 


Ray cowrote this novel with his friends Joe and Vince. It has swearing in it. 120 pages. No pictures. Downloadable PDF

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6" x 9"




5th grade +

$5.00 USD

Sadly, we do not yet have the technology to autograph ebooks. After checkout, you will be directed to download the PDF of your book.
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