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Flamboozled! eBook

A digital collection of hardly-before seen Tbyrd Fearlessness Goodnessness

Written and illustrated by Ray Friesen

Tbyrd Fearlessness, literally everyone's favorite ostrich cowboy conman, captured the imagination of an entire generation and a half, with his long legs and smooth voice, and indeed his smooth legs and long voice. Yes, he truly has tapped danced his way into our collective hearts, without even doing any actual dancing, tap or otherwise.


This collection contains the entirely of the two different webcomics in which Tbyrd was the starring character, (and indeed, many of the minor characters as well, using a variety of both fake and real mustaches). These have never before appeared in print, and indeed still haven't because this is an ebook.

This is the only eBook collection to win the Tbyrd Fearlessness Award for Nice eBook Collections seventeen years in a row.

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6.6" x 10"
Full Color/half color


All-ages Humor

3rd grade +

$5.00 USD

+Shipping & Handling

Sadly, we do not yet have the technology to autograph ebooks. After checkout, you will be directed to download the PDF of your book.
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