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A to Z asaurus

a dino guide with teeth!

Written by Ray Friesen, Illustrated by Mike Spiers

This is a great big book of dinosaur facts, but even better than that, it's also a great big book of dinosaur opinions. Mike has gorgeously illustrated the 26 best dinosaurs that there are, conveniently alphabatized them, and then Ray stuck in some silly words to help fill the space. Almost all of the measurements are in the international standard of 'the pineapple.' This dino is 5 pineapples tall, this dino weights approx 600 pineapples, etc. Actual children have used this book to look up dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and then KNOW ABOUT THEM.

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8.5" x 11"

Full Color


All-ages Humor

3rd grade +

$10.00 USD

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